Why You Should Track Your Social Media Marketing


You may be spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter; marketing your business in the hopes of drawing more traffic and customers. If you’re not tracking your growth or what you’re doing, you are wasting your time.

Without a record of your efforts, you won’t really know what is working. If you don’t know what works, you might be implementing practices that waste your valuable time.

The next time you work on your marketing, take out a sheet of paper or a social media tracker and follow these three steps:


1) Write down your current numbers for the day.

How many blog views do you have? Do you know how many likes your Facebook page has? Write it all down. I track my blog views, FB page likes, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest follows.

If you want to get in depth, you can list how many likes, hearts, or retweets you get in one day.

2) Keep track of what you do.

What time of day are you doing your social media? Are you scheduling interactions ahead of time? Are you hopping from blog to blog, commenting and following? Whatever you’re doing, write it down.

Bonus: Write down what hashtags you’re using for the day. Some hashtags bring more views/faves.

3) The next time you go into your tracker, make note of any growth or reductions in numbers.

When you’re ready to play with your social media again, write down all the following numbers you’re tracking. If you’re tracking your likes, hearts, or retweets, make note of that as well. If you do this long enough, you’ll notice patterns. You’ll find out what hashtags draw more traffic, whether scheduling at certain times of day draws more views, and what doesn’t work.

If something isn’t working, eliminate it. That time is precious and can be spent implementing new strategies or creating products.

Do you track your social media growth?


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