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PODCAST Launched!


Happy Little Business Diary was launched last night! I was going to wait for a new microphone… I was going was going to wait for new software… I was going to wait… but decided I didn’t need to! I just jumped in!

So here it is! The new handmade business podcast. Please bear with me while I figure it out… BUT! I am dedicated to bringing you your handmade tips and tricks. AND, answering any questions you have. Please send me an email at happylittlebusiness (at) yahoo (dot) com with your questions, tips to share, and you success stories.

It can ONLY get better from here.

ALSO: If you have a recommendation for any local/unsigned bands or musical artists, I’d love to hear them! I want to share the love and feature these wonderful undiscovered talents on the new podcast!

Happy creating, all!