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Rejection Dejection: Get Over It


Let’s face it.

You’re not going to get accepted into everything you apply for. Business masterminds/groups, craft shows, art walks… eventually, someone will say “no” to you.

It’s going to hurt. It’ll burn and you might want to cry the moment you see that rejection email/letter… even if you’re at Starbucks. Trust me. I know.

Here are some things to remember when you get a rejection letter:

1. It was not personal.

Sometimes, our immediate reaction to rejection is, “They hate me.” Unless you know who the coordinators are, there is no way they hate you.

And even if they DO hate you, do you really want to be in a show run by people who have negative feelings toward you?

2. Maybe you weren’t the right fit.

Another thought that crosses your mind might be, “I’m not good enough.” Stop that thinking right now.

Take a closer look at the show/group you applied to. Are you a jewelry designer trying to get into a comic book convention? Or are you someone just starting out in the handmade business world trying to enter a business group/mastermind for established business owners?

Neither means you aren’t “good enough.” It means you have to find the right fit. And once you do, it’ll be that much sweeter.

3. Honestly, they may have just run out of room.

There is absolutely no way a show or group can accept everyone who applies. These people may have received 100 stellar applications, but if they only have room for 20 vendors, that means 80 rejections.

And keep in mind, if you’re applying to a craft show, they want to have a nice variety of vendors.

You may want to give up after a rejection. You feel like a failure and wonder if applying is pointless.

Stop right there. Don’t listen to those negative voices!

If you want to do craft shows, keep applying. You’ll learn with every rejection and will eventually get into one.

If you decide you don’t want to do craft shows, then you’ve STILL learned SOMETHING from your rejections. And you’ll need to find an alternative revenue stream.

These are all opportunities for growth. Opportunities for learning and improvement.

Take your rejections and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

You are an amazing, savvy business owner and you can either choose to dwell on the negativity of a rejection or turn it into something awesome.

How do you deal with rejection?