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Find Happiness: 5 Ways to Get Through A Rough Day


Most of us dread Mondays. There’s this need to get over “the hump” on Wednesdays. And now, the Daily Muse posted an article about 10am Tuesdays being the most stressful time of the week. Whatever the reason, we all need a little pick-me-up every now and then.

Here are 5 things you can do today to get boost your happiness.

1) Add to your gratitude list.

Every night, before bed, I write about a few things I was grateful for that day. I started this in 2012, during the stressful holiday season and I couldn’t see past the mountain of jewelry I had to make. After tracking my hours for the day, I listed all of the good things I was thankful for that day because after a crappy day, there HAD TO be good things that happened.

After getting over the initial resistance, those 3 small things that happened that day had me smiling again. And suddenly, the work I had to do the next day didn’t seem so bad.

2) Take a nap.

There’s a reason siestas are a tradition in Spain. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, there’s a chance you might be a tad sleep deprived. Tackling new goals for the year, and holding down a day job can be stressful. Not getting enough sleep not only brings down your mood but can also hinder your work.

A study by German researchers showed that even a short nap can boost your mood and improve your ability to learn and remember.

3) Put on some happy music.

It’s probably no shock that a happy song can do wonders to lift your spirits.

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that 126 ICU (intensive care unit) patients in 5 hospitals in Missouri were given the chance to listen to whatever music they liked and the results were astounding. After a 5 day period, patients felt they needed “less sedation and felt less anxiety than patients receiving usual care.”

So put on your favorite song and dance.

4) Hug someone.

As a common form of saying hello and goodbye, we never really think of how this simple gesture can ease worries and stress. A hug is a simple way of conveying love and approval. It can express sympathy and congratulations.

A hug brings on feelings of love. This results in the release of oxytocin which lifts feelings of sadness and anger. Hugs can also increase serotonin levels which boosts your happiness. This quick expression of support and approval also gives a nice lift to our self-esteem.

We often offer to give someone a hug, but if you need one, don’t be afraid to ask.

5) Have some “me time.”


Take a break. Whatever it is you’re doing, whatever is causing your stress and unhappiness, walk away from it. Even a small break can do wonders.

Forcing yourself to work through your unhappiness can result in an unending cycle of negativity. If you’re working on a creative piece and feeling unhappy, your emotions are likely to show in your work. You may rush through it just to get it done. Your drawing may turn harsh. The colors in your painting may change with your mood. Walking away and taking a breather will help your work and keep you sane.

What are some quick ways you try and boost your mood during a stressful day?